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Let Coates & Coates P.C. help you and your loved one initiate a caregiver agreement in a proper way. We'll make sure the terms and conditions outlined are exactly what the person needing care and the caregiver agreed to.

Sometimes referred to as a personal care contract or personal service contract, is a written contract entered into by an elder person needing care and the caregiver, in which the caregiver agrees to render services specified to the elder person in exchange for payment.

What is a caregiver agreement?

Be prepared with documentation of what a caregiver typically makes in your area, medical records to what tasks will be completed, financial documents and will and trusts agreements, and any additional legal documents such as Health Care Directives and Power of Attorney.

Documents that can help

First, the agreement should be in writing, making it legal. The payment must be for care provided in the future, not something already performed, and finally, the compensation for the services should be reasonable. Basically, the tasks performed should match fees typically charged for these services.

What all should be in a caregiver agreement?

Beneficial caregiver agreements


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