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Rely on a legal team such as Coates & Coates P.C. to provide you with estate administration services when a loved one passes. Making sure formal procedures are followed properly,

we'll help with the entire process from collecting assets to handling expenses and taxes.

This person handles the estate. Usually, the administrator is the surviving husband or wife, or the children of the deceased. Normally a personal representative will select an attorney to help follow required procedures.

What does an administrator do?

Contact us for all your estate needs, from administration to planning. With over 30 years of experience, we know how to get your estate in order either before a loved one passes, or even after a loved one passes.

We also handle

estate planning

This protects the assets, the property owned, and everything else, making sure items are distributed as requested to heirs and beneficiaries.

Always have an estate administered

Compassionate estate administration services


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