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It's important for every adult to have a will, especially if you have minor children.

Coates & Coates P.C. can help you draw up a last will so you get a say in who gets to care for your children if you pass before they reach adulthood.

If you've been through a recent change in life, such as a divorce, and need to update your final will, please schedule an appointment with us. We'll make sure your estate and assets are going where you want them to.

Make sure your will is updated

Coates & Coates P.C. has over 30 years of experience helping elders get their assets and estate together. They specialize in elder law and all aspects that go with it, such as wills and trusts, estate planning, and more.

Experience is on your side

A last will and testament is a document that legally declares who will manage and receive a person's estate and property after death. If you don't have a final will then the state will determine the division of property and assets for the deceased.

What is a last will and testament?

Legal last wills and testaments


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